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Meet our Summit hosts Shedia: the raft keeping Greece’s poor and homeless afloat

In two weeks’ time, delegates from around the world will gather in Athens for the INSP Global Street Paper Summit, co-hosted by Greek street paper, Shedia. We caught up with founder Christos and vendor Lefteris to discover how Shedia continues to keep hope afloat in Greece.

Mi Valedor: Swiss street paper Surprise finds Mexican colleagues continuing battle against poverty

Surprise journalist Ana Felker meets with vendors and staff at Mi Valedor in Mexico City. She finds a team who are fighting for the opportunity to make a living, in a country where nearly half the population live in poverty.

New street paper hopes to tackle poverty and corruption in Romania

A new street paper will launch in Romania this year to tackle poverty and corruption. Aaron Israelson, former editor of Swedish street paper Faktum, discusses his ambitious plans with INSP.

Street paper vendors star in hit book portraying “an authentic and intimate view of poverty in Switzerland”

Swiss journalist Olivier Joliat has interviewed Metallica and Queens of the Stone Age be he says the homeless and formerly-homeless vendors of Swiss street paper Surprise are more interesting.

Joy and reflection as Vancouver’s Megaphone launches new Hope in Shadows calendar

The launch of the calendar was a time for joy – and sadness, as the team found out that Alkina, pictured here in a photo from the calendar, had just passed away.

INTERVIEW: Megan Karch – FareStart CEO

INSP speaks to Megan Karch, CEO of FareStart, a Seattle nonprofit that trains homeless and disadvantaged men and women in the food-service industry.