A Day in the Life of a Vendor

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a street paper seller looks like? Find out in this video from Big Issue North.


Denver VOICE celebrates worldwide street papers

US street paper Denver VOICE celebrates INSP this month with a cover that highlights the international network.


Homeless World Cup 2015 draw made in Amsterdam

The draw for the 13th Homeless World Cup was held yesterday in a packed room in the Amsterdam Arena, home of the Netherlands’ most successful football club, AFC Ajax.


Greek street paper vendor’s photography goes viral

One of the nominees for this year’s INSP Awards, Greek photographer and Shedia vendor Matina Pashali has seen her work spread across social media this week after she was featured on Al Jazeera’s website.


INSP announces new internship opportunity

INSP has announced a new internship opportunity within our editorial and communications team.


Ryan Knighton: “The cure for blindness is telling it”

Ryan Knighton was 18 years old when he was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disorder and started losing his sight. He began writing poetry as a means of making sense of his experiences. “I had this profound experience, that by telling what happened to me it made it better,” he says. Now 43, the accomplished Canadian author and poet shares his thoughts on the healing potential of the written word with Austin Chisholm, one of his former students.

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Meet the winners of the INSP Awards 2015

The winners of the top prizes in the INSP Awards 2015, honouring excellence and innovation across the global street paper network.


Homeless Fonts help Barcelona’s rough sleepers write a new future

An innovative project in Barcelona has been turning homeless people’s handwriting into sellable typefaces, with all profits going towards supporting half of the city’s 3,000 homeless population. “The main goal is to highlight homelessness by allowing a little bit of this big problem to be seen everywhere, from a poster to a web page,” its founder tells INSP.


The Heroines

It is estimated that about one third of drug users in Norway are women but there has been little research focusing on how their experiences differ from men involved in the underground drug scene. Norweigan street paper Sorgenfri finds out first hand by speaking to homeless women dealing with substance abuse issues.


Our vendors: Cyril Mylambiso (The Big Issue South Africa, Cape Town)

When Cyril Mylambiso started selling The Big Issue South Africa in Cape Town four years ago, he felt like a failure – now he is proud to have held down a job for so long.


Ending a culture of violence to ensure the “Good of All”

Socio-political activist Arun Gandhi – the fifth grandson of Mahatma Gandhi – writes exclusively for INSP.


Arun Gandhi’s lessons from his grandfather

Indian-American socio-political activist Arun Gandhi is the fifth grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. Aged 12, his parents sent him to live with his grandfather in India, where the elder Gandhi introduced Arun to his theory and daily practice of peace and nonviolence. In a wide-ranging interview with for INSP, he argues that we need more positive news, and gives his advice to young activists.

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Our vendors: Mr Oh “Killer Smile” – The Big Issue Korea

Mr Oh – also known as ‘Killer Smile’ – is one of the many vendors in Seoul, Korea’s capital.


Our vendors: Erdzan Sadik (Lice v Lice, Skopje, Macedonia)

“Now I know that this is a good and decent job and I had to put more effort into Lice v lice so that both the magazine and I would succeed.”


Mobile showers offer dignity to San Francisco’s homeless

In San Francisco, a local non-profit is restoring dignity to hundreds of homeless people, one hot shower at a time. INSP investigates.


Our vendors: Robert Smith – Real Change, Seattle, USA

Being homeless “makes you count your blessings for the little things, just to wash, wash your teeth, take a shower. When you’re homeless, these things are all taken away from you.”


The service keeping Australia’s homeless in clean clothes

“This isn’t just about washing clothes, it’s a catalyst for conversation,” says the co-founder of Orange Sky Laundry about Australia’s first mobile laundry service for the homeless, in an interview with INSP.


Into the Woods: singing stars align for what may be Disney’s darkest tale

This story was first published on the INSP News Service. A-list director Rob Marshall’s take on the smash hit Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods sees beloved fairy tale characters collide in what may be […]