Request free Reuters photos

Reuters donates 50 high resolution images a month to INSP from their international photo database. You must fill out the form below to request any Reuters photo download. Under no circumstances should you contact Reuters directly for photo requests.

How to request a photo:

— Visit the Reuters picture website
— Write down the SYSTEM ID code of the photo(s) you wish to use
— Enter the SYSTEM ID and your deadline (day and time) into the form below
— For multiple requests, please enter each image’s SYSTEM ID individually

Please note that we have only a limited amount of Reuters photographs available, so we might not be able to fulfil all requests. Our team will always let you know if this is the case. Staff will allocate photographs on an equal basis.

In addition to the 50 new photos every month, INSP News Service has built up a large archive of previously downloaded Reuters photos over the years. When requesting a photo of a known person or place (for example politician, celebrity, building, event), please don’t hesitate to ask us to search the archive for you. There are no restrictions on usage of the archive for members. For details, email

When publishing Reuters images in your street paper, they should be credited as stated in the accompanying text file. They may not be used online.

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