INSP News Service

INSP’s News Service is one of our key member benefits, providing editorial support to street papers to build their capacity and quality, and increase vendors’ sales.

In 2018-19 we made 606 articles available through our News Service. 71% of our members published over 2.5 million words of content free of charge, including 1,971 stories.

Our team of 128 volunteer translators translated 339 articles in 25 languages for our street papers.

Read about hitting our 1 million word download milestone.

INSP’s own journalists report on issues that affect the network, as well as arts and culture. If you have a story that we should be covering, please get in touch.

“In just two years, Iso Numero has grown from a quarterly magazine to a monthly magazine. We produce a top-class magazine with 52 pages, and we know that the content of the magazine matters when people make the decision to buy it. INSP provides us with articles of the quality that we like. Superstar interviews with a street paper point of view, or essays about homelessness and the societies we live in. We have published interviews with international media persons to whom other media in Finland would not have access to. We are very thankful to the whole INSP community because without them we would not be at the stage we are at the moment!”

Hannele Huhtala, Editor-in-Chief, Iso Numero, Finland


Check out our gallery of News Service content in street papers worldwide: