INSP Awards


Established in 2008, the INSP Awards highlight the outstanding achievements of independent street paper journalism and street papers’ contribution to social justice.

Set to return in 2022, the Awards culminate in a gala dinner and presentation ceremony at INSP’s Global Street Paper Summit.

Awards are currently presented in the following categories:

Editorial Awards

  • INSP Special News Service Award
  • Best News Feature
  • Best Cultural Feature
  • Best Vendor Contribution
  • Best Cover
  • Best Design
  • Best Photograph
  • Best Special Edition

Impact Awards

  • Best Project
  • Best Campaign
  • Best Partnership

2019 Awards

19 June 2019
Haus der Jugend
Hannover, Germany

The ninth INSP Awards, hosted by David Kräling.


2018 Awards

22 August 2018
Crowne Plaza
Glasgow, UK

The eighth INSP Awards, hosted by Rebecca Curran.


2017 Awards

23 August 2017
The Bridgewater Hall
Manchester, UK

The seventh INSP Awards, hosted by Serge Lareault.


2016 Awards

15 June 2016
Onassis Cultural Centre
Athens, Greece

The sixth INSP Awards, hosted by Serge Lareault.


2015 Awards

26 June 2015
Seattle University’s Campion Ballroom
Seattle, USA

The fifth INSP Awards, hosted by Serge Lareault.


2013 Awards

1 August 2013
Ballroom, Holiday Inn
Munich, Germany

The fourth INSP Awards, hosted by Christine Auerbach.


2011 Awards

22 July 2011
Crowne Plaza
Glasgow, UK

The third INSP Awards, hosted by Dr Eamonn O’Neill.


2009 Awards

14 May 2009
Logen Theatre
Bergen, Norway

The second INSP Awards, hosted by Petter Lavern.


  • Best Feature Story: Streetvibes, USA
  • Best Campaign Cover: The Big Issue Zambia
  • Best Interview: The Jeepney, Philippines
  • Best Photograph: Megaphone, Canada
  • Best Design: Ocas”, Brazil
  • Best Vendor Essay: The Big Issue, UK
  • INSP Special Award for External Press: The Tyee, Canada
  • Outstanding Contribution to the International Street Paper Movement: BISS, Germany

2008 Awards

20 June 2008
Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum
Glasgow, UK

The first INSP Awards, hosted by Jackie Baillie MSP.