Global Street Paper Summit

Hosted in a different city each year in partnership with the local street paper, our international Summit is a highlight of the street paper calendar.

It is the only forum where street paper staff can meet with colleagues from around the world to learn from each other, share experience and form partnerships. It has been the backdrop of many innovations, including the Homeless World Cup, which started after a meeting at the 2001 Cape Town conference.

The 2019 Global Street Paper Summit will be held in Hannover, Germany on 18-20 June 2019.

For many street papers operating in isolation with limited resources, the Summit provides vital inspiration, motivation, ideas and support. The Summit also allows INSP the opportunity to gather information from our members and work on network-wide projects.

“The INSP Summit provides street paper editors, directors and staff the invaluable opportunity to connect with others in our field. While each paper has its own unique structure, content and challenges, communicating with each other revealed that all of us face very similar issues when it comes to curating interesting content, supporting vendors and getting the public behind what we do. Besides inspiration for our work, the Summit helps to squash the feeling of isolation that can sometimes come along with this work.”

— Amelia Knisely, Former Editor, The Contributor, USA

INSP works hard to raise funds to support travel bursaries and secure pro bono support, sponsorship and discounts to ensure the delegate fee is affordable to our members in 35 different countries. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please email us.

INSP Summits 1995 – 2018

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