Funding your place at the INSP Global Street Paper Summit

INSP works hard to keep delegate fees as low as possible through fundraising and in-kind sponsorship and we understand that international travel to the Summit is expensive for members.

The good news is: in our experience, fundraising locally can have lots of success. With that in mind, here are some top fundraising ideas for you to explore!

Crowdfunding… street papers have used crowdfunding for lots of different projects but Toledo Streets was the first to use it to attend the Summit in 2015, with great success!

Major donors… could you approach a donor who is already supporting your street paper? They obviously know and like your organisation and could be interested in funding a delegate to attend the summit. As a major donor, they’ll be interested in the long term plans of your organisation, increasing capacity and sustainability so the Summit could be right up their street. The same applies to grant giving trusts and foundations. Maybe there’s a local trust that likes your project but prefers to fund work with an international remit or focused on capacity building rather than service delivery? The Summit could be your way in.

Sponsorship… could you approach a local business for sponsorship (such as a travel company or restaurant, law firm, accountancy firm, etc), in exchange for an ad in your paper, a link on your website or a few social media mentions? Or just as part of their CSR/charitable giving. Don’t be shy! If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

UK overseas missions… do you have a UK Embassy or Consulate in your city or region? Maybe they have a cultural, educational or exchange programme. The will want to improve and promote relations and learning between the two countries and that’s what the Summit is all about.

Look for less obvious links with the UK… Seek out any links or relationships between your city/country and Manchester/UK. Is your city twinned with Manchester? Maybe the university or local council/municipality has a special relationship. Are prominent UK citizens living in your community or international businesses with UK links? Google awaits!

Social and cultural institutes… for example the British Council or Goethe Institute.

Or even a fundraising event… such as a concert, breakfast, sponsored event or pop-up shop.

Finally, writing a fundraising case for support

You should include information about INSP and the Global Street Paper Summit.

Also write about your work, your impact in the community, reasons for attending the summit. Example questions to address:

  • Why it is important to attend the summit and what you hope to gain?
  • Why you are the best person to attend and how you will share you experience/learning?
  • What impact will it have on your street paper and to your vendors?

If you would like help to write a case for support, please contact Zoe.

INSP Scholarship

2017 scholarship applications have now closed.