Encouraging Innovation

Digital Innovation

“Many of INSP’s 100+ street papers, in 34 countries, are facing issues based on the continuing march of our cashless society. Our members’ innovative solutions show how dynamic street paper organisations can continue to provide employment to some of the most vulnerable people in society, despite the new challenges they face.”

– INSP Chief Executive, Maree Aldam


Over the past couple of years, we have seen some pioneering digital projects coming from INSP’s members.

INSP reported on Real Change’s mobile phone app, which was developed in collaboration with Google.

Other ventures include Chicago-based StreetWise’s partnership with PayPal and The Big Issue South Africa’s SmartBibs, both of which also allow customers to pay online using their phones.

In Europe, Amsterdam’s Z! magazine and Scandinavian papers =Oslo / =Norge, Situation Sthlm and Faktum are working on pilot projects to provide vendors with card readers, so that customers can pay with debit or credit cards.

In addition, some papers, including Situation Sthlm and =Olso / =Norge, use payments through text messages.

INSP enables street papers to learn from each other, strengthening street papers through shared knowledge and experience.

The Real Change app in action