A brand new website to celebrate #INSP2015

By Linnea Uyeno

As the Global Street Paper Summit 2015 launched in Seattle, a beacon of tech innovation on the American West Coast, INSP was thrilled to unveil our brand new website to street papers delegates from around the world.

INSP website

Modeled after the design of social media networks, the new INSP site aims to engage a wider global audience.

INSP chief executive, Maree Aldam, expressed her excitement about the site.

“We have been working extremely hard on our website over the past year. Communication is absolutely at the heart of how we deliver services to our street paper members, and how we communicate with the rest of the world,” said Maree.

INSP communications manager, Laura Dunlop introduced the website and went on to explain the vision behind it.

“What we are trying to do is tell our stories much more effectively,” said Laura. “INSP is in the amazing position that we are the only people in the world that are able to tell the stories of street papers. Each street paper knows what they are doing in their city. We are the lucky people that get to be at the center of that international network.”

INSP’s site will connect the stories of street papers worldwide using a social media inspired design. Story tiles eacho Facebook or Tumblr to make interacting with the site effortless, dynamic and fun.

“These tiles are designed to look like social media. This immediately makes it feel shareable, and is there to drive social content so that we bring people back to the website,” added Laura.

Website into 1

A key aim for Tangent Graphic, the Glasgow design company which partnered with INSP to create the website, was to make content sharing simple.

An exciting feature allows users to social share quotes and articles with ease by highlighting a section of text that they wish to post, and then choosing to share it on Twitter or Facebook.

“This also shares a link back to the website, so that when people want to share our content we make it really easy for them,” explained Laura, adding that the feature would help lure traffic back to the INSP site and increase its online presence.

The site is also more compatible with tablet and mobile devices.

“This is really important because many people are using mobile and different kinds of tablets to look at websites,” added Laura.

“Not only is it the fastest growing way people are accessing the internet, it also is really important for people on low incomes and with barriers to access. They are the much more likely to see the website on their mobiles. This means we are reaching the people that we are there to serve as well as a lot of other people.”

Another neat feature of the new site is the debut of a new interactive map, which enables users to explore street papers from all over the world, and connects users directly to a specified street paper’s website and social media.

“The main point of the map is so that people can not only get contact with us, but also so that people can relate us to all of the street papers. This means INSP can share each individual street paper’s network with a wider public,” said Laura.

“It’s about drawing people in, making sure that we are spreading the message as street papers, and showing people the incredible work our network around the world is doing.”