WATCH: The #VendorWeek 2019 Video

INSP is proud to present this year’s #VendorWeek video, as the week-long celebrations of street paper vendors around the world gets underway today.

After a successful 2018 video, we’ve created a brand new one for 2019, featuring vendors interacting in an entertaining and unique way!

The crowd-sourced video features nearly 60 vendors from 28 different street papers in our network, celebrating the diversity and international reach of the street paper movement as they say a big hello to us and each other.

19 countries, including Japan, Brazil, Croatia and Canada, are represented.

Hit play below to see the video in action!

#VendorWeek runs from 4-10 February 2019, and celebrates the 9,000 vendors selling street papers at any one time, in 35 countries.

You can read more about what’s going on during #VendorWeek 2019 here.