Video: challenging the fake news narrative

Top journalists and academics came together in Glasgow last night to unpick the concepts of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’.

The ‘Alternative journalism vs Alternative Facts’ event was part of a series connected to INSP’s Uncovered: still homeless, still an issue exhibition at The Lighthouse gallery.

The debate featured journalist and broadcaster Stuart Cosgrove; Peter Geoghegan – journalism lecturer and director of The Ferret; Susan Smith – editor of Third Force News; Angela Haggerty – editor of CommonSpace and Tim Harris – founder and director of Real Change. It was chaired by investigative journalist and academic Dr Eamonn O’Neill. Scroll down to watch the full event.

The panel talked about the history of the fake news phenomena.

But they also attacked whether we should use the words ‘fake news’ at all.

Following Brexit and the US Elections, they discussed the relationship between good journalism and democracy.

Part of the answer, they agreed, is for all of us to interrogate our sources – and work out for ourselves who we can trust.

You can watch our Facebook Live stream of the event below.

Alternative Journalism vs ‘Alternative Facts’

We’re at The Lighthouse debating fake news, and starting the fight back!

Posted by INSP on Thursday, 30 March 2017