#VendorWeek 2020: Surprise’s pitch perfect poster campaign

#VendorWeek always throws up some imaginative ways to celebrate vendors and boost their sales. Swiss street paper Surprise’s approach involved making sure people passing through Zurich’s busy city centre would not be able to miss their local street paper vendor.

All this week, bold, eye-catching posters have popped up at locations across the city where vendors are placed and selling the magazine, with the goal of drawing as much attention as possible to what they are doing and turning what are ordinary vendor pitches into fully-blown newspaper kiosk-style selling points.

The campaign was made possible thanks to a collaboration with lucrative Swiss advertising agency Serviceplan Suisse, which helped devise the poster designs, and outdoor advertising company Clear Channel, which has a program that seeks to link up socially responsible businesses with non-profit organisations working with limited resources.

The result is a series of billboards that will educate passers-by about the work of Surprise and the street paper mission and entice them to buy a copy of the magazine.

Speaking about their #VendorWeek campaign, Andreas Jahn, a member of Surprise’s marketing, fundraising and communications team, said: “We are putting the focus on people with this campaign. Each Surprise vendor has their own moving story.”

As well as using the posters as a means to boost sales, when the vendor is no longer manning their pitch, members of the public can scan a QR code on the design which will allow them to access profiles of Surprise vendors – like those published by street papers across the world – and learn a little bit more about the people central to Surprise’s work.

The posters will remain posted across Zurich city centre and Oerlikon for the length of #VendorWeek.

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All photos courtesy of Serviceplan Suisse