#VendorWeek 2019: L’Itinéraire throws doors open to the public for second year running

Montréal street paper L’Itinéraire hosted their second Open Doors Day last Thursday (7 February) in the midst of #VendorWeek.

L’Itinéraire welcomed readers, community organisations, sponsors, partners, and other curious members of the public, to their offices, off the back of an inaugural open day during #VendorWeek in 2018.

The event offered a chance to get a glimpse of their editorial department, where the magazine itself is conceived and made, the distribution centre where vendors interact with L’Itinéraire staff, and other L’Itinéraire enterprises such as their café.

Luc Desjardins, L’Itinéraire’s executive director, with Manon Massé, Quebec Solidaire’s co-spokeperson and member of Parliament. Credit: Alexandre Duguay. Sophie and Catherine from the non-profit organisation 'La rue des femmes'. Credit: Alexandre Duguay. Patrick, a social media ambassador for L’Itinéraire, with his daughter. Credit: Alexandre Duguay. Anita (volunteer on the left), Jean-Claude (vendor) and a visitor . Credit: Alexandre Duguay.

Speaking about the event, Luc Desjardins, the street paper’s executive director, said: “L’Itinéraire holds an Open Doors Day because it is important to show the public the potential and many capabilities, of our vendors. It’s not because you experience poverty and marginalisation that you can’t accomplish great things.

“Also, opening our doors to the general population allows us to inform people on our many services, ranging from housing and food assistance to social intervention and journalism training. L’Itinéraire is much more than a magazine.”

L’Itinéraire got involved in the #VendorWeek festivities throughout the week with a special vendor focused edition of their magazine.

Welcome table. Credit: Alexandre Duguay.. Emanuella, trainee in psychosocial intervention, with L'Itinéraire vendor Jean-Claude. Credit: Alexandre Duguay. Montréal city representative. Credit: Alexandre Duguay. Student group visiting the L'Itinéraire office. Credit: Alexandre Duguay.

Speaking about the importance of the annual worldwide celebration of vendors, Josée Panet-Raymond, the street paper’s editor-in-chief, said: “#VendorsWeek is a great way of creating awareness on the importance and vitality of the street paper movement worldwide. L’Itinéraire is proud to be part of an effective and unique solution aimed at empowering the homeless and those at risk of homelessness.

“The L’Itinéraire team and vendors are strengthened by our sense of belonging to a group of organisations like ours who work towards making the world a more just and better place for all.”

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