#VendorWeek 2018: L’Itinéraire holds first-ever Open Doors Day

Canadian street paper L’Itinéraire welcomed their readers, community organisations, sponsors and partners into their Montréal offices for their first-ever “Journée Portes Ouvertes” (Open Doors Day).

Video: A special behind-the-scenes tour of L’Itinéraire’s offices for INSP from Editor-in-Chief Josée Panet-Raymond.


Held on 6 February, the Open Doors Day was L’Itinéraire’s way to celebrate #VendorWeek and do their bit to promote the street paper movement.

A team of vendors acted as tour guides for the day, introducing visitors to staff and other vendors.

People were able to learn more about L’Itinéraire’s distribution centre and café, where vendors and staff can eat low-cost breakfasts and lunches, as well as the offices of the head of Social Development and the Vendor Programme case workers.

Vendor Mostapha introduces a visitor to L’Itinéraire artistic director and graphic artist Milton Fernandes. Photo: Mario Alberto Reyes Alberto.

From there, visitors were invited to explore L’Itinéraire’s newsroom, where they were walked through every phase of our magazine’s production.

L’Itinéraire’s Executive Director then greeted guests and informed them of the paper’s administrative and philanthropic activities.

Vendor Mostapha (middle right) introduces visitors to Josée Panet-Raymond, L’Itinéraire’s editor. Photo: Mario Alberto Reyes Alberto.

Visitors were amazed by the size and scale of L’Itinéraire, and expressed surprise at hearing they offer more than just a street paper. L’Itinéraire offer food bank services, psycho-social services, writing workshops and journalism training to their vendors, on top of the fortnightly publication.

Vendor Representative Yvon Massicotte with a visitor. Photo: Mario Alberto Reyes Alberto.

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