Our vendors: Luciano Saavedra (Hecho en Bs As, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

By Luciano Javier Saavedra, Hecho en Bs As

I started at Hecho en Bs As [HBA] through one of my friend’s contacts who also sells for HBA, and they are continuing to sell as well. Thanks to selling the magazine, I am able to build my house.

Before HBA, I used to work in construction and have always had work in this industry. I am also a welder and I know the blacksmith’s trade. I can solder pipes and have experience scaffolding but I found little work.

Luciano Javier Saavedra sells Hecho En Bs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo: Constanza Niscovolos

I have three children: one-month old Olivia, five-year-old Morena and seven-year-old Tomás. Because of them I needed to work, and thanks to HBA I can provide for my family and get ahead.

I live in Glew [a city in the south of the Buenos Aires Province] where I am currently building my house. I’m working on the roof which is a job for later this week. I need to get ahead with my job.

I have learnt a lot working with HBA: like how to be a good person, how to speak with people, how to have contact with people. I really have learnt a lot.

Whenever I am selling, I always explain what the magazine is about, and I tell customers about our project and how many years we have been running. I explain a little bit about what is published in that edition. Some buy it, some don’t, some even complain. But hey, most people are willing to give.

“At HBA I made new friends and some enemies as well. Most are nice, cool people who like me.”

I have a lot of regular customers and if any are looking for a blacksmith or welder that would be great. At HBA I made new friends and some enemies as well. Most are nice, cool people who like me.

My project is to now finish building my house. The majority of it is there, I just need to finish the roof which costs the most money. I need to buy braces and sheets and then we are there. It’s a continuing struggle.

Selling for HBA is not a job that enslaves you, in fact the schedule is flexible and I choose my own hours. I get to manage my own time. It is not like other jobs, in that sense selling for HBA gives me more freedom.

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