Vendor’s escape from homelessness appears in Japanese daily

“40years old, sell paper and crawl the way up”

A former vendor of The Big Issue Japan was featured in Japanese major daily newspaper Asahi Shinbun on 18 January. The headline read “A challenge from the street” and sub-headline “Lost home and job simultaneously – but one’s spirit for life”.

At the time of the interview, Hisao, as he is known, saved proceeds he earned through selling the title and managed to move into a flat. Later on, he “graduated” from the paper when he found a job where he currently works.

The Big Issue Japan said that Hisao was amongst the top vendors despite the injury that lost him his fingers.

“He is missing three fingers in his left hand becuase of the accident at a metal pressing factory he used to work and he said pain comes back in the cold,” one staff member said.

“I vividly remember that during the winter, he was covering the wounds with bandages to ease the pain and kept standing outside to sell the paper. Except for heavy rainy days, he worked everyday from half past 7 until half past 6 with 10 minute break every two hours.

“It seemed as though he was finding a hope of the day in meeting with his customers.”

Taken from The Big Issue Japan Facebook