Our vendors: Aristeo (Mi Valedor, Mexico City, Mexico)

By Aristeo Franco, Mi Valedor

As a youngster I enjoyed boxing and football. If I had continued with sports, I could have been a star, but you begin thinking of easier things and the bad habits start. From the age of 15, drunkenness caused me to throw away many of my years. The best lesson that life gives you is all that you lose: all that you leave behind because you choose friends when really, they have no reason to follow you. This is why I left alcohol behind; to escape all that disaster, I already couldn’t bear it any longer. The truth is, I respect alcoholics because they have a lot of strength.

One is poor but also delicate, that’s why I don’t like hostels or the streets. I’ve lived my whole life in Mexico City. Just now, I’m living in Chimalhuacan but I have to leave because the work is badly paid and are pure scams. They leave you to work and then they rise up the line. It’s always like this; when you are more in need, you have to jump through hoops. I thank Mi Valedor because my work is changing, I won’t have to spend every day looking for a calmer job.

The magazine is like a business card. Many times we have asked for something and now we have something to offer. Now I can say, “Look, here I have a sociable, artistic and cultural magazine in which we participate.” Mi Valedor gives us this opportunity to be more sociable.

I try to be at as many workshops that I can. I’m learning new things and reviewing others and I can see my own personal development. I’ve also improved on sales; I end hard and direct. When people have a heart big enough to listen to me, it’s like they’ve bought me. However, if you don’t have a penny in your bag and you haven’t sold anything, it’s difficult to stay concentrated on selling. I’m really hungry and I need the bathroom, what am I going to do….

I try to use all that I’ve learned and be the best that I can be. You have to fight to be able to get the expenses going, the main thing is to always have something. I wouldn’t say that my hands are full, but it is quite a help. While there is a way to continue, there I will be.

Translated from Spanish by Amy Mersom