#VendorLetters: FiftyFifty vendor Gerhard thinks “most of the young people of today are alright”

INSP has been asking vendors from across the street paper network to write letters to their 25-year-old self to mark the end of INSP’s 25th anniversary year. 60-year-old FiftyFifty vendor Gerhard, who sells the street paper in a small town near Düsseldorf, wishes he’d followed a more conventional path in life.


When I was 25, I still had a job and lived in far better conditions than I do now. I’d like to be 25 years old again, but no-one can turn back time. If I could go back to that year, I would strongly admonish my 25-year-old self to learn a profession. That’s what I never did and still sorely regret. I’d give my younger self the advice to find himself a wife, to marry and have children. My general advice for 25-year-olds: attend school and learn a trade. Most of the young people of today are alright, really. But I also think that quite a few of them more often than before like to fool around and cause trouble. When I was 25, street papers didn’t exist in Germany. If they had, I am sure I would have bought one regularly.

FiftyFifty vendor Gerhard

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