Vendor writing: Life on the Street

“Writing poetry uplifts me,” says street paper vendor Howard, who sells Big Issue North in Leeds, UK.

Howard found himself struggling after his he lost his job selling a local evening newspaper but has turned things around thanks to Big Issue North.

The vendor has also been honing his poetry skills to detail his experiences of day-to-day life. Howard’s work is often published in the magazine. In the poem below, he highlights homelessness and the importance of street papers.

Big Issue North vendor Howard

Life on the Street

By Howard – Big Issue North vendor

Cold and hungry,
Nowhere to lay my head,
No one seems to care,
Life hardly seems fair.

There are those who sit on the street,
with a plastic cup asking for change,
While there are some who wear
a bib and a badge,
who do not get a second glance,
as they try to sell a magazine.

They are working not begging,
so please buy a Big Issue,
help them get back on their feet,
get a warm place to stay,
and something to eat.

If you’d like to learn more about the author, we’ll be sharing an interview with Howard in the coming weeks. Every Wednesday, we share a story from one of the thousands of inspirational men and women who sell street papers around the world. Read the latest here.