Vendor wishes: “I wish for more accommodation for homeless women with a dog”

“Every homeless person has a story to tell,” says Linda, as she tells us her aims for 2017. Read the full vendor wishes series here.

By Linda Kölsche, 52, who sells Draussenseiter in Cologne, Germany

My wishes for 2017 are good health and many years with my dog, who is my best friend. I also wish for more accommodation for homeless women with a dog.

Personally, I would like to achieve the following… Learn how to write good articles. Sell many papers – not only to earn money, but also to raise awareness for the Draussenseiter. Boost the popularity of the association that I just established to support homeless women.

What the government could do better… Allocate funds in a more socially fair manner. They could also consider opening up refugee shelters to homeless people when spaces become available, instead of leaving them empty. They could develop new alternative forms of housing, support these, and relax the regulations to allow homeless people to also stay on campsites.

What I wish for my paper… Coverage of even more political issues. Acquisition of even more readers. For we have a great deal to say.

My message for next year… Pay attention, don’t walk away. Every homeless person has a story to tell and suffered misfortune. More tolerance!

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