Vendor wishes: “I want to be a law-changer, a difference-maker”

Welcome to 2017. Today, as part of our vendor wishes series, we visit Vicky in Tennessee. She has some big plans for the new year…

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By Vicky B, 54, who sells The Contributor in Hermitage, Tennessee, USA

I hope that this next year my son and myself along with our dog will be in a permanent place and out of this hotel. While I’m so thankful for a roof, it’s time to sit at a table and eat dinner instead of on a bed. It’s time for me to do some baking. I love baking. I’m wishing for a bike to save on bus fare but, also not ruling out a car one day.

I’m afraid of losing this hotel room as bad as it is, it’s all we have. I’m blessed to have it, so many don’t even have that. We use to have a car to sleep in but, not anymore. We would have nowhere to go and that scares me so much.

[The government in] Washington is used to doing things the same way and getting the same bad results so, I think they need to get back into the communities and see the problems, those slipping through the cracks, the people that it’s not working for. Talk to the homeless; have some of the homeless be on a board. Who knows better how to help the homeless then the homeless themselves? They need to change the programmes that they’ve been funding since the 30s and start programmes that will work for these changing times. Renter/Landlord laws need to be looked at as well, and changed. Transition programmes need to be in place for those wanting to transition out of these roach-infested hotels. Washington doesn’t like change but, they’ll have to get used to it for this growing epidemic called homelessness.

In 2017 I want to see copies of The Contributor in each home in Davidson County, Tennessee. I want it used as a tool for families, schools and churches to discuss homelessness. This would start conversations about what other communities are doing about the homeless in their state and adapt the programmes that are working.

This time next year I’d like to be the voice of the homelessness. I want to be a law-changer, a difference-maker, of course I want a home to decorate for the holidays.

My message to readers is this: Keep buying it, it’s working. Keep reading it, it’s working. Keep sharing it, they’re learning.