Vendor wishes: “We want to get our daughter back”

Amy and Dewayne sell Speak Up in North Carolina. In the new year, they hope to get their daughter back. Continuing the positive wishes our vendors have had for their customers, they advise everyone to keep their heads up and retain their faith. Read more vendor’s wishes here.

By Amy Dover and Dewayne, who sell Speak Up in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Amy Dover, 36

My wish for 2017 is to get the strength back into my leg, to have a home for myself and to be able to say it’s my home.

My hopes are for Speak Up to grow and for more people to read it because it is about real people with real stories.

My message to readers is: be happy no matter what you are going through and keep your faith in God. Keep your head up. Don’t give up on your dreams in life.

Dewayne, 41

My wishes for 2017 is to get a home or camper for Amy and I, so we can get our daughter back and be happy. I’d tell readers: “Stay clean and sober and always remember that God loves you.”

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