Vendor wishes: “I want my daughter to be able to visit me”

For Craig, 2017 is all about spending time with his daughter.  He tells us about her in today’s edition of our vendor wishes series. Read more here, and each day until the new year.

By Craig, who sells The Big Issue in Melbourne, Australia

My wish for 2017 is to get a two bedroom place so I can have my daughter visit me – I want to spend more time with her. She is almost nine. She is very good at running.

I want to find a two-bedroom house so that my daughter can come and visit because at the moment I am in a rooming house so she is not allowed to come there. I have fears about losing my daughter when it goes to court next year.

I think the government should use empty buildings to lease out to house and support the homeless. I want to say thanks to my customers for supporting me this year.