Vendor wishes: “I want to complete my training as a healthcare assistant”

In the last days of 2016, Rüdiger joins our international vendors in taking some time to reflect on his hopes for 2017. He also has some words of support for the charity that makes Strassenfeger, which he sells in Berlin. Check out more vendor wishes.

By Rüdiger, who sells Strassenfeger in Berlin, Germany

By summer 2017, I want to complete my training as a healthcare assistant and find a regular job—at the hospital Charité in Berlin if possible. I’d like to have stability to my housing situation and go on vacation again.

The government should create more welfare housing. They should make it easier for people suffering from debt to find housing. They should cover the full costs of the emergency shelter operated by mob e.V. – and not just part of them.

My worry for 2017 is that nothing will change for the homeless in Berlin. It’s not as if the new left-leaning government soon to take over in Berlin can just reach into a safe and take out money.

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