Vendor wishes: “My plans are to get married and form a family”

We’re in Macedonia for our vendor wishes series today. Ilfeta tells us that she hopes to be a good mum, while Armando wants to travel…

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By Hasan Ametovski Hari, Ilfeta Regjepi, Armando Redjepi and Armando Sadik who all sell Lice v Lice in Skopje, Macedonia

Ilfeta Regjepi, 17

I’m expecting my first newborn in May or July next year and my greatest wish is for the baby to be healthy, well and happy. I truly hope to be a good mother to my baby.

I know that we are not in a position to return our debts, so I hope that the government will invalidate or forgive them.

I’m afraid of becoming homeless in 2017. We are in huge debts and fear losing our home because of this. I want the public to smile at us when we approach them. I don’t want to be left behind and to be treated as if I don’t exist.

Armando Redjepi, 19 

In 2017, I want to be employed in a good and decent company that treats its employers with dignity. I want to become mature and to become independent from my parents and family.

I want the government to start being honest with people and to see reality as it is, not to lie us. I want them to increase social benefits, but also to give more opportunities for employment of poor people which are capable of work.

I’d like to see vendors travel in different countries and to see in person what is it like to be vendor in different street papers. I’m adventurous and I like travelling a lot.

Armando Sadik, 21

My plans are to get married and to form a family in 2017. I want a steady job and I want to be employed. This time next year, I would like to be on vacation in Popova Sapka [a famous winter holiday resort in Macedonia].

The government could give more possibilities for employment. I want them to do something so there are no more poor people. I also would like the government to raise the salaries of all people. I fear political riots.

Hasan Ametovski Hari, 52

My wishes for 2017 are peace, stability, good health, success and prosperity. I’d like to see understanding among people from all nations.

Next year, I hope that I will be with good health to be able to earn better income in order to solve my housing problem. I would like to be in the same work position as I am now – as vendor in Lice v lice. But, I would like to be in a warm, cosy and peaceful home. I also would like Lice v lice to be monthly magazine, not bimonthly.

I would tell street paper readers that we need support in the year coming also. I would like them to present the magazine to their friends, colleagues and to spread the word on street papers. I would also like to wish them good health, success and many wishes fulfilled.