Vendor wishes: “I would like to spend time with my pigeons”

Liceulice has faced challenges this year, but it’s clear from Snezana and Goran’s vendor wishes contributions that the street paper is still essential in Belgrade. Snezana aims to be one of their best vendors next year – as long as the paper can keep going. This Christmas, take some time to think about our vendors worldwide by reading about their wishes for 2017 here.

By Snezana Pusica and Goran Petkovic, who both sell Liceulice in Belgrade, Serbia

Snezana Pusica, 50

In 2017 I wish to live better and to make more money from selling Liceulice. I hope to make some progress in selling the magazine and to become one of the best vendors in next year. And also I wish to meet more new and interesting people.

I hope that the government increase social benefits for vulnerable people and to create jobs so that everyone have the opportunity to earn money for themselves and their families.

I am afraid that the magazine Liceulice stops printing in the next year. And that would mean that many vendors will lose their jobs.

This time next year I would love to be in the same apartment with people that I love.

I’d like to tell everyone not to forget to read street papers because this is a good way to get informed on many interesting topics that are rarely discussed in the mainstream media.

Goran Petkovic, 41

My wish for 2017 is to persist in the decision to quit drinking. And I also wish to find a girlfriend in the next year.

I hope that I will earn more in the next year in order to buy better food and to buy clothes. In general I hope to have a decent life. I would like to be in my house and to have good therapy. And to spend time with my pigeons.

This year, our magazine had a serious financial crisis, so I am afraid that this will not happen again next year. I hope that the magazine will continue to print and also I hope that vendors will earn even more money. I think the government should provide more help to the organisations that support the homeless. And also the government should provide more shelters for homeless people in our country.

I would recommend to our readers to continue buying the magazine because when they buy the magazine they help the most vulnerable people. And also they can always read something new and interesting.

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