Vendor wishes: “I hope we see economic growth in our country”

Shedia has been a life raft for many during the ongoing Greek economic crisis. For today’s vendor wishes, Nikos and Nikolaos embody the positive attitude of the publication as they look forward to 2017.

By Nikos Kakavaladis and Nikolaos Konstantinou who both sell Shedia in Thessaloniki, Greece

Shedia vendor Nikos Kakavaladis

Nikos Kakavaladis, 28

In 2018 I wish for things to go better for everyone, and for those who have lost their smile to regain it. I hope to find a job and to be able to smile at people more!

Our government could stop being indifferent and concern itself more with homeless people. I hope that Shedia can continue to offer as much love and solidarity as it already does.

I am sometimes afraid that times will be difficult, but we mustn’t give up, because hope is the last thing to die. That would be my message to street paper readers: however difficult circumstances may be, don’t ever give up. Always look on the bright side!

Shedia vendor Nikolaos Konstantinou

Nikolaos Konstantinou, 61

In 2017, I hope we will see economic growth in our country, so that we can stop our young people emigrating in droves.

The government could make use of whatever public buildings are available to house all the homeless people, so that we no longer have to witness this situation. I fear that in 2017 many more properties will be sold at auction, which will exacerbate homelessness.

Thanks to its style and choice of topics, Shedia has gained regular monthly readers. I hope this will continue next year.

I don’t want to send out my own message. Instead I’ll borrow the message of one of our readers: Buying a street paper isn’t an act of charity, it’s about sharing, and it gives us the strength to go on together.

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