Vendor wishes: “I hope to recover fully from my throat cancer treatments”

Our vendor wishes series continues with a heart-warming message and festive greetings from Jean-Guy in Canada. To read more of the international series, click here.

By Jean-Guy Deslauriers, 60, who sells L’Itinéraire in Montréal, Québec, Canada

My wishes for 2017 are happiness and prosperity. A roof over everyone’s head and lots of love all around. Over the next year I hope to recover fully from my throat cancer treatments. Get my energy back. And keep on loving humanity!

In 2017 the Canadian must really address the problem of homelessness. Show some real political will. Find permanent solutions.

My fear for 2017 is that people aren’t taking the environment seriously enough. We have a duty to ensure a clean environment for future generations. Let’s stop over-exploiting our natural resources!

This time next year I’d like to be right here at L’Itinéraire. They are my family!

My message to readers would be: continue buying street papers. Continue encouraging those in need. When you buy a street paper, you help people get their lives back on track, offer some financial security and pass the message that we are all human beings and we deserve a fair treatment. Let’s stop prejudice aimed at the homeless. They are people that require help, not judgement.

JOYEUX NOËL À VOUS TOUS! [Merry Christmas to you all!]

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