Vendor wishes: “I hope to be able to buy my own car”

Big Issue South Africa vendor Mkhululi is the latest of our international vendors to tell us about his ambitions and hopes for 2017. Read more vendors’ wishes here.

By Mkhululi Maqgabi, 29, who sells The Big Issue South Africa in Cape Town

My wish for 2017 is to start my own business, as it’s not easy getting a job. I’m thinking of learning to sew or sell meat. I hope to be able to make enough to buy my own car.

I think that the government should give homeless people a grant to sustain themselves or teach them skills to work. I also hope the government – and sponsors – give more support to The Big Issue, as it helps vendors a lot.

I am afraid that 2017 will see an increase in crime because of the lack of jobs and government being corrupt.

I’d like to wish my customers a blessed year – respect yourself, as things start with you.

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