Vendor wishes: “I fear that our new president will start a war”

At any one time, 10,000 people facing homelessness and unemployment are earning an income by selling their local street paper. For our unique Vendor Wishes survey, they told INSP about their hopes and fears for 2017. Each day until the new year, we’ll be sharing their thoughts and personal stories. Today, Bernard, Howie and Jeff talk to us about how they’d like to make the world a better place in 2017.

By Bernard Russell, Howie Ellis and Jeff Greene, who all sell One Step Away in Philadelphia, USA

One Step Away vendor Bernard Russell

Bernard Russell 

My wishes for 2017 are peace, health and wealth. Next year I want to be a better person. To be financially independent. I think the US government should start to tackle homelessness in the next year by putting a lot more money into affordable housing. But I fear that our new president will start a war. This time next year, I’d like to be in my own home.

One Step Away vendor Howie Ellis

Howie Ellis

In 2017, I want to achieve financial freedom. I hope that One Step Away is published twice a month and gets more endorsements. This time next year, I’d like to be in Florida or Aruba. I’ve got a message for street paper readers: never give up.

One Step Away vendor Jeff Greene

Jeff Greene

My wish for 2017 is the healing and blessings of the American people. Personally, I want to develop an understanding of how I can make life better for people. This time next year, I’d like to be much more involved with my community.

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