Vendor moments 2017: “This has been a year of change in Germany”

Constance Deckert, 41, is  a Tagessatz vendor in Göttingen, Germany

My most memorable moment of the year was the German general election and the television debate betwee the two electoral candidates Merkel and Schulz.

I am most proud of having found my first flat and of moving in. But, unfortunately, it turned out that the flat was covered in mould and unsuitable for living in. I have to find another one now.

I want to continue to integrate more into society and adapt. Next year, I hope to make some more new friends and that my family stays healthy.

Torsten Holetzek is a Tagessatz vendor in Göttingen, Germany

This has been a year of change in Germany. The election was a memorable part of 2017, and it brought many surprises. I have managed to find an apartment, and have had good, nice people helping me. I have managed to overcome my alcoholism thanks to therapy, and my move to Göttingen has been a big success. I am now in assisted living and doing well. Next year, I am hoping to finally meet my old friends again.