Vendor moments 2017: “I try to present myself as humble as possible”

Theresa Ferrell, 54, is a Street Speech vendor whose pitch is situated on the south side of Columbus, Ohio in the USA. It is known locally as Germantown

Having a great bill of health at the age of 54 is a big plus in 2017. Having both parents with high blood pressure and heart problems means things are stacked against me. Changing the way I eat and making changes for a longer life have been memorable.

I’m proud that I can help my sick dad who is 80 years old and needs help with even simple tasks, like putting on his shoes. Taking care of my ill dad, who has a lot of health problems, has been a challenge. He’s been in and out of the hospital a lot in the past year. Being an only child and caring for him has been hard on me

My great niece is having a baby. I thought that I would never live to be a great aunt.

I am looking forward to being in better health next year, having the support of my loving family and friends, as well as having the love of my life give me all of his support.

Vonzell Williamson sells Street Speech on the east side of Columbus, Ohio

My most memorable moment of 2017 was being able to sell papers with my great great grandson. It’s wonderful to watch others speak about how adorable he is and seeing his pretty smile.

Thanks to the papers I’m not so homeless anymore and it helps me pay bills and buy clothing.

People were able to contribute more funds and donations this year which was a surprise.

Trying to present myself as humble as possible even though some look at what we’re doing as soliciting in public when we have a vendor’s licence can be a challenge.

Next year I’m looking forward to having a happy family to offer my children and 17 grandchildren and a great great grandson.