Vendor moments 2017: “I have tried to open myself”

Milutin Savic, 51, sells Liceulice outside the Yugoslav Drama Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia

For me the most memorable moment in the past year was when I played music as a DJ at few events.

I’m proud for the award Liceulice gave me for being most successful vendor in the past year.

I was surprised when I started living independently.

I have been dealing with my personal phobias.

I was persistent in the sense that I tried to open myself. This is how I have tried to overcome those phobias.

In the new year, I am simply hoping I’ll be alive and well.

Slobodan Lazic, 55, is a Liceulice vendor situated in Belgrade city centre, Serbia

For me, the most memorable moment of 2017 was when I met my girlfriend. She has been very sick this year and she was in a hospital for a while. But with positive thinking and mutual support she got better.

I am most proud that I was able to sell 25 of Liceulice issues in one day.

I was surprised that I got the most frequently requested location in Belgrade.

Next year, I’m hoping that I will sell 35 issues per day.