Vendor moments 2017: “I succeeded with all the perseverance I have”

Budimir Vuković, 61, is a Kralji Ulice vendor who sells outside a shopping mall in Ljubljana, Slovenia

This year I got quite a large amount of money, a kind of a financial compensation for political mistreating. I pressed charges on the Republic of Slovenia. After the war in former Yugoslavia, I became a person without any status, unable to get valid documents, a residency or any kind of help for 25 years.

Kralji UIice, and its kind employees, helped me a lot with all the things I had to arrange.

It was a challenge; a constant knocking on different doors to get all the documents I needed.

I got the financial compensation I was striving to get. I succeeded with all the perseverance that I have and thanks to my stubbornness, but also with the help of a fine lawyer and my personal engagement. Next year, I am looking forward to a permanent solution to my extremely complex problem.