Vendor moments 2017: “You really have to put in the effort”

Arno Peterson, 66, is a FiftyFifty vendor in Düsseldorf, Germany

There were several memorable moments this year. I would say a negative moment was an experience I had selling newspapers. A man came up to me, spat at my feet and demanded that I clean his shoes. I didn’t, of course! A nicer moment was recently when my dog had puppies. I obviously can’t keep them!

I managed to find my own flat. I was able to do it because I just made a real effort. Lots of people think that sort of thing just happens. But you really have to put in the effort.

What I hadn’t expected was a pension back-payment of around €1,000. I still don’t know how that came about. But I am of course delighted with the payment.

Balancing my health and my work was a real challenge this year.

It definitely wasn’t easy to juggle my health and work. But I did it and didn’t miss a single day, let alone a single hour. Only on my last day of work did I hurt myself.

I’ve applied for a new full-time job. It would be wonderful if that came through and I stay in good health.