Vendor moments 2017: “Let’s not forget our original resolution”

Moon Young-soo, 58, is a Big Issue Korea vendor outside Sindorim station in Seoul

My most memorable moment of 2017 was attending the Homeless World Cup in Oslo. The achievement I am most proud of is graduating from the Hope Studio Photo Academy. Perhaps the most surprising thing has been how steadily I have dealt with customers and how much attention customers have given me while selling the magazine. I am always grateful to them.

This year I started a calligraphy class. If I can make letters look beautiful through my studying of this subject, I want to be able to make my own Christmas and New Year cards. My motto for 2017 has been engraved on my mind: “Let’s not forget our original resolution”. Next year I am looking forward to a very new year. I’d like to have a better year than this one. I want to sell our magazine more and learn something to make me happier.