Vendor City Guide: Prague

Slavko Ševčík, 55, has lived in Prague for 36 years. Slavko has vision problems which make it difficult for him to find work, so he began selling Czech street paper Nový Prostor seven years ago. “The magazine’s sales help me exist, but also mentally,” he says. “I realise that even a person with such a disability can have a decent job.”

Why I like living in Prague

I not only love its beauty and culture, but also the comfort it offers. It is important for me that Prague is accommodating for people like myself who are handicapped and therefore require everything to be as simple as possible. Prague offers comfort and convenience. Everyone will also love the cultural diversity here. One can go to exhibitions, events and performances. You never get tired of anything; every day you will be surprised by something new.

Nový Prostor vendor Slavko Ševčík

Not in the guidebooks

Prague hides many secret places that you will not learn about in guidebooks. For example, under the Petřín, a hill in the centre of Prague, where I once ended up by mistake, I found secret places. There is a beautiful garden behind one of the walls. You will also find a hidden garden in the Third Courtyard of Prague Castle, where plants from across the world are preserved.

The best café

If you ever come to Prague, it would be a sin to skip Café Slavia, located opposite the National Theatre. Founded more than a century ago, it is an important part of our history. The unique fountain, which adds pizzazz to the place, has been preserved in the entrance. Be sure not to miss it while visiting. And don’t forget to order pancakes! You will be absolutely satisfied.

My favourite place to eat

I have a lot of favourite restaurants all over Prague but if I can recommend the best one, it is U Seminaristy. It is located right in the centre, and besides having excellent cuisine, you can sit on their terrace, which is open all year round. It is all wooden and decorated with dozens of flowers. If you come there in the summer, you feel that you are in a charming garden, not in the middle of the city.

Photo by Dmitry Goykolov on Unsplash

Don’t miss

I like the unique view from the Old Castle Stairs, which you could never get tired of. You can enjoy a completely different view of all the buildings that are otherwise in alignment. Then you can rent a pedal boat and ride on the Vltava River. You can go to the Zoological Garden or around Hradčany, the Castle District. What a view!

To escape city life

I recommend everyone buys some goodies, like sausages, then go to Modřany Gully. There are public barbeques so you can cook anything you like. You are in amongst nature, but at the same time close to the city. You can enjoy time with friends at the campfire, enjoying a warm meal, and it is just beautiful.

Originally published in The Big Issue (UK)

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