Vendor City Guide: Gothenburg

Eija has sold Faktum since 2011. Last summer she worked as an alternative street guide in Gothenburg, a tour arranged by the street paper. You can find her and her companion dog, Bamse, at her selling spot in Kållered.

Why you should visit Gothenburg

Gothenburg is called the face of Sweden. At least by the people living there. It’s located on the west coast of Sweden, also known as the best coast. Gothenburg is a port town with lots of little islands nearby which you can reach by boat. The closeness to the sea and all the cultural events makes it a very tourist friendly town. There’s a lot to do even for those who do not have much.

When in Gothenburg

You should visit Liseberg. It’s an amusement park suitable for every age. It’s located in the middle of the city and has scary rides, carousels, a haunted house and a very beautiful winter wonderland by Christmas. They also have large concerts in the summertime, I prefer the music over the rides. If you like flowers and trees you must visit the Gothenburg botanical garden. They have plants from all over the world and it’s great having picnics there.

On a budget

Slottsskogen. It’s a huge open park with forests, green fields and a free zoo. A lot of people exercise there and it’s great for large groups who want to play frisbee, volleyball or just relax and barbecue. My favorite animal to watch there is the moose – they are large and majestic. But I also like the seals and the penguins. There are deer in enclosed areas but also deer that roam wild in the park forest. One week every summer, there’s a festival in the city. There are a lot of events for every age and almost everything is free.

Faktum vendor Eija. [Courtesy of Faktum]

Secrets only the locals know

You should visit the flea markets. There are a lot of them in the summertime. There’s one almost every weekend on a football court in Slottsskogen. If it’s good weather, it will be almost full. There are a lot of indoor flea markets as well and a lot of second-hand shops. If you’re lucky you can get some good bargains.

The best view

You will get a great view from the Ferris wheel at the amusement park. If you dare to take it. But to get to the best outlook point, you will have to make an effort. It’s called Ramberget. To get there you need to take the tram to Hisingen and then walk up to the top. Up there, you can see almost the whole city and if the weather is good out to Vinga, a famous lighthouse, in the archipelago. On the mountain there are viewpoints marked so you know where to look. It’s worth the struggle to get there!

When to visit Gothenburg

The heat comes in May. The trees are in full bloom and there is outdoor seating in almost every café and bar. The sea may not yet be warm, but it could still be worth going to a beach. The last day of April is Valborg. The people light large fires to celebrate that winter is completely over and summer almost here. One of the universities arrange a parade that goes through the town and the people are in a festive mood.

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