Vendor City Guide: Brno

Jarda and Jozef sell Czech street paper Nový Prostor in Brno. They are two of the best vendors in the city with a lot of regular customers. They have overcome a series of adversities in their lives but, despite that, have a wicked sense of humour.

Best places to go in Brno

Jozef: Špilberk Castle, of course.

Jarda: Špilberk, classic. Definitely.

Jozef: And we must not forget the famous Brno astronomical clock.

Jarda: Or I would send you to the King’s Field area. On Šelepova Street, there is the Šelepka club and restaurant – there are benches around and dancing for middle and older generations.

Jozef: Well… it’s no disco!

Your favourite places in Brno

Jozef: I sometimes go to Lužánky, take a walk, sit on a bench and watch people enjoying the day.

Jarda: It’s good there; it’s the largest park in Brno.

Jozef: And last summer, [Czech singer] Radůza sang there.

Jarda: Yes, that was great. I have seen Radůza six times already. She is very good.

Jozef: I’ll sit there for two hours, and when I leave, I feel lighter.

Jarda: I have the most beautiful memory of a festival that once took place on the Green Market. It was called ‘sedm smrtelných hříchů’ – seven deadly sins. It lasted a week, and every day there was a theatre performance, then a concert, and a movie at night. It ended at three in the morning. That was something so beautiful! Over the years, probably the greatest joy I’ve experienced happened last winter, before Christmas. Two customers – a couple who were both attorneys – bought me a ticket to The Animals concert at the Sono Centre. The Animals is a band I’ve known since I was young, and I was able to finally see them live!

Where to eat

Jozef: Severka in the King’s Field is good; you can get great Czech cuisine. The pork dumplings and cabbage are particularly excellent.

Jarda: You know what I haven’t eaten in a long time? Belgrade schnitzel! It is a cutlet which comes with a lot of garlic and vegetables, such as peppers and tomatoes. It is very spicy.

Jozef: But I don’t go to restaurants. I buy a croissant in a convenience store and eat at the hostel.

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