Vendor City Guide: Brisbane

My name is Jeromy. I’m 43 years old and I’m from Tamworth, NSW, originally. I moved to Brisbane 20 years ago. Selling The Big Issue Australia has given me confidence and helped me build a friendship group that I didn’t have previously.

What’s to like

I like living in Brisbane because it is a happy place. The people are more laid-back, kind and friendly. I like the weather, too, it makes everything better. South Bank and Kangaroo Point are my favourite spots. At South Bank you can swim in the pools or lie on the grass and watch the world go by. Five minutes away are the cliffs at Kangaroo Point, where you can look out over the city. On the walk from South Bank you pass the Maritime Museum and a number of historical sights. It’s like a free nature trail, with information about the flora and fauna of the area. You’ll find a good mix of animal and plant life along the way.

Big Issue Australia vendor Jeromy. [Credit: Barry Street]


Every visitor to Brisbane should go on a Brisbane River ferry ride. It gives you a different view of our city, and a lot of the captains give a great history of Brisbane, including some of the past flood levels. It is amazing to realise how far underwater we were in both 1974 and 2011.

On a budget

Pop down to South Bank to visit the Queensland Cultural Centre. It’s free and has wonderful history and information. Around the CBD and Spring Hill you can jump on and off the free loop buses, past Government House, the Botanic Gardens and other landmarks. For a free city map, make sure to visit a Brisbane Greeters booth in Queen Street Mall or around the city. They do walking tours and they’ll tell you about the history of the sights and city.

Escape the city

To escape city life, I go out to Redcliffe Peninsula. There is a lovely bay beach area and a beautiful lagoon swimming pool. I love to float around there for hours and let the city stay in the city! Or you can walk along the waterfront and eat in a number of semi-trendy cafes.

Brisbane illustration by Daniel Gray-Barnett

Secret spot

St Stephens Cathedral on Elizabeth Street is a beautiful peaceful spot with lovely architecture. It is a very heart-warming and comforting place for me.

Best time to visit

My favourite time of year in Brisbane is the summer because there is always something happening, and BrisVegas lives up to its name! At Roma Street Parkland you can go to an open-air movie free of charge. Just walk in, put blanket down, and watch a film. There’s always something happening at the amphitheatre down there.

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