“Together we can change the world”

By Stuart Martin, Sahil Jaidka and Peter McVitie

With the conference in full swing, day three – Campaign Day – kicked off with John Watson, Programme Director for Amnesty International, Scotland, sharing his experiences of campaigning.

Comparing the mission statements of various charitable groups, John outlined these organisations universal desire to “change the world” by overcoming global poverty and suffering.
Labelling these agenda’s as “ambitious”, John was quick to point out that this is what is required in order for these visions to become reality.
This year, Amnesty International celebrated their 50th year in operation. In that time, they have taken on over 50,000 cases, helping to pull thousands out of severe poverty, homelessness and social injustice.
John drew similarities between Amnesty International and the work of the INSP, describing the network as a “global engine” for poverty across the globe.
Praising the endeavours of the INSP, John said, “It is an ambitious and positive vision you have and it excites me when I see the power you have. The people in this room have a great opportunity to change the world.
“There are 112 street papers, six million culturally aware and socially responsible readers and one global campaign.
“If I have one thing to say to you all, it is ‘you can do it’. Go for it and good luck”.