Lee: vendorwishes

Vendor wishes: “My only wish is to be with my two kids and grandson”

In the last of our vendor wishes series, Surprise vendor Tatjana tells us she hopes to be reunited with her family in Switzerland in the coming year.

Vendor wishes: “My plans are to get married and form a family”

We’re in Macedonia for our vendor wishes series today, where Ilfeta tells us that she hopes to be a good mum, while Armando wants to travel…

Vendor wishes: “I want to be a law-changer, a difference-maker”

Today, as part of our vendor wishes series, we visit Vicky who sells The Contributor in Tennessee. She has big plans for the new year…

Vendor wishes: “I got to learn how to deal with Trump”

For New Year’s Eve, we have a bumper series of vendor wishes to share from StreetWise in Chicago.

Vendor wishes: “I’m afraid extremists will become popular again. I hope I am wrong”

As 2016 nears its end, Straßenkreuzer vendor Steve hopes that the new year will be defined by social justice instead of terrorism.

Vendor wishes: “I wish for more accommodation for homeless women with a dog”

“Every homeless person has a story to tell,” says Linda, who sells Draussenseiter in Cologne, Germany. She tells us her aims for 2017.

Vendor wishes: “I want to complete my training as a healthcare assistant”

Rüdiger takes some time to reflect on his hopes for 2017. He also has some words of support for the charity that makes Berlin street paper Strassenfeger.

Vendor wishes: “We want to get our daughter back”

Amy and Dewayne sell Speak Up in North Carolina. They hope in the new year to get a home or camper, so they can get their daughter back and be happy.

Vendor wishes: “I would like to spend time with my pigeons”

Liceulice has faced challenges this year, but Snezana and Goran tell us the street paper is still essential in Belgrade. They describe their goals for 2017.

Vendor wishes: “I hope to have more regular customers”

This Christmas Eve, we meet TagesSatz vendor Constance. She appeals to the German government to stop allowing homeless people freeze to death on the street.

Vendor wishes: “I wish for peace in people’s hearts”

Eileen and Mike both sell Street Roots in Portland, USA. They join our vendor wishes series, both calling on the government to tackle affordable housing.

Vendor wishes: “I don’t want to go back to crime”

Our global survey of vendors’ ambitions hits the UK today, as we speak to Ken and Macca, who both sell Big Issue North.

Vendor wishes: “I hope to recover fully from my throat cancer treatments”

Our special vendor wishes series continues with a heart-warming message and festive greetings from Jean-Guy in Canada.

Vendor wishes: “My goal is starting school”

Today in our vendor wishes series, Street Sense vendor Sheila has a message for the US government about affordable housing.

Vendor wishes: “I almost died in 2016, I’m wishing for better health in 2017”

It’s been a rough year for Hans, but his customers have kept him going through his health problems. One of them even gave him a very special present.

Vendor wishes: “I hope to be able to buy my own car”

Big Issue South Africa vendor Mkhululi is the latest of our global vendors to tell us about his ambitions for 2017. His goal is to start a new business.

Vendor wishes: “Better health, more money, and a house”

In the last weeks of 2016, INSP has spoken to vendors worldwide about their hopes for the coming year. Today, we meet Robert and Vicki in Downtown Dallas.

Vendor wishes: “I want my daughter to be able to visit me”

In 2017, Craig aims to get a two-bedroom place so his daughter can come to visit him. She hasn’t been able to in the rooming house he currently lives in.

Vendor wishes: “I hope we see economic growth in our country”

For today’s vendor wishes, Shedia vendors Nikos and Nikolaos embody the positive attitude of the publication as they look forward to 2017.

Vendor wishes: “I fear that our new president will start a war”

One Step Away vendors Bernard, Howie and Jeff tell us about how they’d like to make the world a better place in 2017. Despite concerns about Trump.

Vendor wishes: “In 2017, I wish for a second child and good health”

As 2016 comes to a close, vendors tell INSP about their hopes for the new year. Today, Apropos vendor Elena says she wants a better life for her son David.