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Vendors’ pitches turned into offices for viral #BossNotBum campaign

This fantastic awareness-raising campaign from The Contributor in Nashville highlights a very important point about street paper vendors.

Argentinian street paper helps vendors relax and socialise with yoga

Argentinian street paper Hecho en Bs As is helping its vendors relax and gain confidence through yoga. We hear how the classes are benefiting not only vendors, but also readers who attend the classes.

Street papers agree key to successful campaigns lies with vendors

Today in Athens, INSP delegates agreed that putting vendors at the heart of campaigns can have maximum impact in influencing change and challenging perceptions.

Meet our Summit hosts Shedia: the raft keeping Greece’s poor and homeless afloat

In two weeks’ time, delegates from around the world will gather in Athens for the INSP Global Street Paper Summit, co-hosted by Greek street paper, Shedia. We caught up with founder Christos and vendor Lefteris to discover how Shedia continues to keep hope afloat in Greece.

Wendy Oxenhorn on co-founding world’s first street paper in New York City

Street Sense bring us a fascinating slice of street paper history in this interview with Wendy Oxenhorn, who founded the world’s first street paper in New York circa 1989. Her model inspired a global movement, which now numbers 112 publications in 35 countries, all supported by INSP.

Guitars for Good hits right note with music classes for vendor’s kids in Cape Town

Leroy Glam discovers why getting free guitar lessons for their children is music to Big Issue vendors’ ears in Cape Town, South Africa.

Street paper Hempels creates affordable housing for homeless vendors in Kiel

Faced with rising costs and a competitive rental market, securing affordable housing is a huge challenge for homeless vendors in Kiel. But their street paper Hempels has come up with an ambitious solution, INSP learns.

Vendors show beauty inside and out with stunning photo shoot

OKC street paper The Curbside Chronicle celebrates the beauty and strength of vendors with a stunning photo shoot for its current edition.

Danish street paper gives out free edition to boost readership and celebrate vendors

At the request of its vendors, Hus Forbi has released a free issue as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations. The special edition says thank you to readers and champions those who sell it. It’s part of a year-long promotional anniversary campaign that also includes a viral video about homelessness – The Invisible Man.

Why you should stop and chat to your local street paper vendor

Olivia Perfetti encourages street paper customers to get to know their local vendor after chatting to two hard-working Groundcover vendors in Ann Arbor.

Mi Valedor: Swiss street paper Surprise finds Mexican colleagues continuing battle against poverty

Surprise journalist Ana Felker meets with vendors and staff at Mi Valedor in Mexico City. She finds a team who are fighting for the opportunity to make a living, in a country where nearly half the population live in poverty.

Skype solidarity for vendors from Montréal to Copenhagen: “We are the voice of the voiceless”

Vendors from Montréal and Copenhagen discuss their experiences of homelessness and the importance of street papers. Despite living 6,000km apart, they discover they have quite a bit in common.

Vendor dodges frostbite and horned owl attacks in 3000km trek across Sweden

As #VendorWeek kicks off, we travel 3,000km across Sweden on foot, sleeping rough with Hinz&Kunzt vendor Torsten Meiners.

Canadian street paper Megaphone kicks off 2016 with record sales boost

Megaphone’s Christmas edition smashed sales record: “This success is really a reflection of how hard vendors work and what they mean to their customers.”

Vendors start the day right with Big Issue North’s breakfast clubs

In Liverpool, England, a simple but effective project is bringing Big Issue North vendors and staff together over breakfast – making sure vendors have enough energy for the workday ahead, and helping them to get back to full time employment.

Columbus street paper crowdfunds to save publication and vendors

After a funding shortfall, Street Speech in Columbus, Ohio has turned to crowdfunding so it can continue to support its vendors through winter. “We will do everything within our power to keep them employed,” editor Jess Peacock tells INSP.

Every day has its dog

Selling a street paper can be a lonely job. Big Issue North vendors introduce their four-legged friends and explain how they are a vital source of companionship and support.

Our vendors: Phelokazi Khohlela (The Big Issue South Africa – Cape Town)

Phelokazi Khohlela lives in Khayelitsha township in Cape Town with her husband and their four children. She has been a Big Issue vendor for just over a year and started selling the street paper help provide for her family – and she’s out there doing it every day.

Street style in Germany with fiftyfifty

T-shirt designs created by street paper vendors in Düsseldorf, Germany, are paying dividends, with all profits going to projects run by fiftyfifty.

New documentary celebrates Brazil’s Boca de Rua

“Our journalism transforms people’s lives. It shouldn’t just leave them where they are.” A new documentary highlights the work of INSP member, Boca de Rua, the only newspaper in Brazil produced entirely by homeless people.

Vendor talk: “Take off your shoes and come inside”

During the INSP Global Street Paper 2015 in Seattle, Henrik Søndergaard Pedersen, who sells Hus Forbi in Copenhagen, Denmark, met Sharon Jones, a vendor for Seattle street paper Real Change to discuss the challenges and rewards of selling street papers.

Write on! Street paper vendors promote literacy in Macedonia

Lice v lice vendors handed out free books from several Macedonian publishers to the first 100 readers that bought the magazine.

The D.C. photo blog putting a face on homelessness

“Homeless people, and homeless veterans, are people too. They don’t need a hand out, but a hand up.”

Our vendors: Mr Oh “Killer Smile” – The Big Issue Korea

Mr Oh – also known as ‘Killer Smile’ – is one of the many vendors in Seoul, Korea’s capital.

Our vendors: Henrieese Roberts – Street Sense, Maryland, USA

Henrieese Roberts sells American street paper Street Sense on the streets of Annapolis, Maryland. She is also a fierce advocate of HIV/AIDS awareness and policy reform.

Our vendors: Erdzan Sadik (Lice v Lice, Skopje, Macedonia)

“Now I know that this is a good and decent job and I had to put more effort into Lice v lice so that both the magazine and I would succeed.”

To be homeless in a country while war rages

Maryana Sokha explains the struggles Ukrainian street magazine Prosto Neba faces to support its homeless vendors in Lviv while war rages between pro-Russian rebels and the Ukraine government in the east.

Our vendors: Robert Smith – Real Change, Seattle, USA

Being homeless “makes you count your blessings for the little things, just to wash, wash your teeth, take a shower. When you’re homeless, these things are all taken away from you.”