Lee: vendor-week

Our Vendors: Pilar Ferreir – Ocas, São Paulo, Brazil

Since Pilar Ferreir started selling Brazilian street paper Ocas in São Paulo, she has gone from cleaning mansions to writing novels and performing poetry and can now provide for her family. “I was eight years […]

Our vendors: Beiene Berhane – Surprise, Switzerland

“It was only after coming here that I learnt the true meaning of neighbourly love,” says Beiene Berhane, who, at 75 years old, is the oldest of the Surprise street paper vendors in Zurich, Switzerland. […]

Happy 5th anniversary to Philadelphia street paper One Step Away

By Laura Smith A street paper produced by homeless people and sold on the streets of Philadelphia has marked its five year anniversary by celebrating the real stars of the show: its vendors. Since launching […]

Our vendors: Richard Mills – The Big Issue UK, Gloucester

“I love selling the Big Issue but I don’t think people realise what a hard job it is,” says 50-year-old Richard Mills, who sells The Big Issue in Gloucester, England.

My neighbour without a roof – An initiative by Liceulice (Serbia)

Most people never talk to those who live without a roof over their head. Lack of interaction between different groups in our society, combined with impersonal or incorrect description of homeless that exist in ingrained […]

Big Issue vendor party in Glasgow!

Vendors pick up their goodie bags, hats and snacks during a vendor party at The Big Issue’s distribution office in Glasgow, as part of International Street Paper Vendor Week, 6 February 2013.

‘One warm winter’ campaign huge hit in Berlin

One of the campaign images by Oliver Rath. By Katrin Schmoll Winter is the toughest season for over 1000 homeless people in the German capital Berlin. The shelters are often overcrowded and there is a […]

Covering Vendor Week: readers worldwide introduced to global street paper family

Ad campaign in bodo (Dortmund, Germany) Streetvibes (Cincinnati, USA) To celebrate International Street Paper Vendor Week, publications around the world have published a special ad campaign poster, a feature story and vendor profiles from colleagues […]

Melbourne Lord Mayor kicks of Vendor Week 2013

The Big Issue Australia kicked off International Street Paper Vendor Week 2013 a few hours ago. Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and comedian Colin Lane worked the lunch crowds selling The Big Issue. The Lord Mayor […]

‘International Street Paper Vendor Week’ celebrates 14,000 inspiring vendors

Next week, a unique global event will be co-ordinated from a small office in Glasgow. The first annual ‘International Street Paper Vendor Week’ will celebrate the 14,000 homeless people around the world who are working […]