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Our vendors: Dodge Dawson (The Big Issue, London, UK)

The Big Issue has been part of Dodge Dawson’s life for many years and he’s always found his way back to the magazine. He credits the magazine with helping him to increase his confidence and to learn new skills. After being helped by so many people in his life, Dodge now volunteers with Street Vets and the NHS in addition to working as a Big Issue vendor. He wants to give something back in return for all of the help that he’s received from others.

The Blankfaces: The fashion label subverting the ‘bleeding heart’ of homelessness

The Blankfaces is a Glasgow-based social enterprise fashion label that works with people experiencing homelessness on design ideas to create stylish streetwear with a message. INSP spoke to its founder Gerard McKenzie-Govan about the impetus behind the business and giving an outlet for the homeless community’s creative spirit.

Scottish school pupils collaborate with The Big Issue to create, and sell, a special edition of the street paper

The Big Issue has teamed up with the Social Enterprise Academy bringing together pupils from Scottish schools to put together a special edition of the street paper. The magazine, which gave the young people a platform to raise awareness about the social issues they care most about, is now being sold by the kids at their respective schools, and has been included as a supplement in the current edition being sold by vendors.

Our vendors: Norbert (Big Issue North, York, UK)

Norbert has sold street papers all over the UK and has settled into a new rhythm of life since moving to York two and a half years ago. He’s happy to work in a city where magazine vendors support each other and is hoping to establish a permanent pitch outside York train station. Norbert is also passionate about campaigning on issues affecting the homeless and runs the Homeless Britain Facebook page in addition to his work as a vendor.

#VendorWeek 2019: Notable figures face off in street paper selling challenge for Big Issue North

Big Issue North’s #VendorWeek celebrations enlisted notable political figures, musicians and sports stars to face off against each other alongside street paper vendors in a selling challenge over the course of the week.

Vendor City Guide: Cambridge

In collaboration with The Big Issue, vendors from street papers across the world have been sharing some insider tips on the cities they live and work in, which we are sharing during #VendorWeek. Here, Big Issue vendor Lee talks about Cambridge.

Our vendors: Brigitta Claudia (The Big Issue, Glasgow, UK)

Brigitta has been a Big Issue vendor for three years now, after moving from her home in Romania in search of a better life and a greater chance of finding work. Here, she talks about her family, her pitch and how she gets on selling The Big Issue.

INSP Vendor Playlist: Dave (Big Issue North, Manchester, UK)

This year we asked vendors: if you could give a song as a present this Christmas, what would you choose? The result was the INSP Vendor Playlist, which is now available for your listening pleasure. Dave from Big Issue North dedicated this song to his heroic fellow vendors.

INSP Vendor Playlist: Lee Welham (The Big Issue, Cambridge, UK)

This year we asked vendors: if you could give a song as a present this Christmas, what would you choose? The result was the INSP Vendor Playlist, which is now available for your listening pleasure. Big Issue vendor Lee stuck with a Christmas classic.

Our vendors: Victoria (Big Issue North, Manchester, UK)

Victoria came to the UK from Romania a year ago and has been a Big Issue North vendor for around nine months. She wants to build a future for herself and her partner, Ionut, here in the UK and to find a stable job. Victoria enjoys her work as a Big Issue North vendor and is grateful for all of the support and help that she has had from her customers.

Big Issue North’s INSP award-winning Street Noise project hits the road for the Big Busk

After winning the Best Project category at the 2018 INSP Awards for their Frank Turner fronted fundraising concert during the 2017 Street Paper Summit in Manchester, Big Issue North’s Street Noise team embarked on their most audacious challenge yet – a string of five events in five days, across five major cities in northern England, called the Big Busk. INSP was lucky enough to tag along for a day to see how it all went.

Our vendors: Daniel (The Big Issue, Glasgow, UK)

With the INSP Global Street Paper Summit in Glasgow this week, it’s a great opportunity to hear from one of the city’s vendors. Daniel is a familiar face in the west end of Glasgow, and you might even recognise him from past stories featured in the INSP website and News Service. He even went viral not that long ago. Here, he tells us how he came to be a Big Issue vendor, getting back into education and his love of graphic novels.

Big Issue North vendor Andy: “When I get to the Pearly Gates, I want a pitch outside”

Andy used to sell Big Issue North in Liverpool. This interview took place at the Marie Curie Hospice in the city in October 2017. Andy asked that it was published after his death. He passed away in March and his funeral was held in Liverpool.

Our vendors: John Williams (The Big Issue, Weston-super-Mare, UK)

John is a Big Issue vendor based in Weston-super-Mare who has been a magazine vendor for a few years. Here, he talks about his love for his home of over a decade, the town of Weston-super-Mare, and discusses what life is like for him as a Big Issue vendor.

Our vendors: Nicusor (Big Issue North, Manchester, UK)

Nicusor, 56, comes from Romania and has been selling Big Issue North since 2016. He tells us about his hopes of finding work as a carpenter in the future, learning English and the joy that he finds in playing music.

Our vendors: Cornell Jarea (The Big Issue, London, UK)

Cornell Jarea moved to London in 2013. Initially lucky in finding work, his fortunes changed when his job came to an end. He tells the Big Issue about life in the UK and how selling the magazine has helped him.

Our vendors: Andy (Big Issue North, Sheffield, UK)

We meet up with vendor Andy, for whom change has been afoot. He tells Big Issue North about his new flat, vents his political frustrations and shares his experiences as a vendor of the magazine.

Our vendors: Adrian (Big Issue North, Formby, UK)

After his divorce, Adrian had to send his children back to Romania to live with his parents. He used to work as a lorry driver, but has struggled to find work through employment agencies. Now he sells Big Issue North to support his family and give them a better life.

Frank Turner to headline street paper fundraiser

Gig at O2 Manchester Ritz on August 24 will raise funds for INSP and Big Issue North Trust.

Our vendors: June Fullerton (The Big Issue, Westbourne, UK)

When June’s husband died five years ago, she struggled to cope. Soon she was in a lot of debt and worried about losing her home. Thanks to selling The Big Issue, she has worked her way out of trouble.

Britain’s dark history of criminalising homeless people in public spaces

As the number of people sleeping rough in England has grown, antiquated laws see homeless people criminalised for simply existing.

INSP brings together top journalists to fight back against fake news

As the global war against truth rages, the Alternative journalism vs. ‘alternative facts’ event on 30 March will explore how alternative forms of journalism can lead the fight against fake news.

Vendor wishes: “I don’t want to go back to crime”

Our global survey of vendors’ ambitions hits the UK today, as we speak to Ken and Macca, who both sell Big Issue North.

Our vendors: Leventica (Big Issue North, Bebington, Wirral, UK)

22-year-old Leventica sells Big Issue North to help support her family, “Life is still a bit hard,” she says, “but not like it was in Romania.”

Watch five-year-old girl take British PM to task on homelessness in viral video

“Look,” says Brooke, “I’m only five years old. There’s nothing I can do about it… You have the pot of money. Spend some and help people.”

Big Issue vendor to welcome millions of Heathrow airport passengers

“I am very proud,” says Floriana Stanciu as she is picked as one of the faces of the airport’s ‘Welcome’ poster campaign.

Our vendors: Christopher (Big Issue North, Liverpool, UK)

Christopher has sold Big Issue North in Liverpool for 12 years. A Sri Lankan Tamil, he is grateful for the opportunity. “If I still lived there I would be dead.”

Brexit: world’s street papers react

The UK’s monumental decision to leave the EU sent shockwaves around the world. In the wake of the referendum vote, we hear from the world’s street papers about their views on Brexit.