Lee: transgender

#VendorWeek 2019: A street paper vendor’s gender affirmation journey

Yannick, a L’Itinéraire vendor whose pitch is at Jacques-Ferron Library in Longueuil, Canada, is undergoing gender reassignment. Over the next few weeks, they will see their body start to change as they commence the physical transition towards becoming Yannick. As the process begins, they will no doubt face numerous questions from customers and loved ones alike – something that is only natural when many people don’t know much about gender reassignment. So, what is there to know about the process? We asked Yannick to tell us more.

My gender transition while homeless in Vancouver

Megaphone vendor Charlize Gordon writes about her gender transition while staying in shelters and subsidised housing in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. “Sometimes on the streets I would have insults hurled at me. Other times ignorant men would physically attack me. I don’t take it personally, because they have no idea what I am going through.”