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Meet our Summit hosts Shedia: the raft keeping Greece’s poor and homeless afloat

In two weeks’ time, delegates from around the world will gather in Athens for the INSP Global Street Paper Summit, co-hosted by Greek street paper, Shedia. We caught up with founder Christos and vendor Lefteris to discover how Shedia continues to keep hope afloat in Greece.

Wendy Oxenhorn on co-founding world’s first street paper in New York City

Street Sense bring us a fascinating slice of street paper history in this interview with Wendy Oxenhorn, who founded the world’s first street paper in New York circa 1989. Her model inspired a global movement, which now numbers 112 publications in 35 countries, all supported by INSP.

Street paper calls for action after homeless deaths hit record high in B.C.

After recording a spike in “unnecessary” homeless deaths in British Columbia, Vancouver street paper Megaphone is taking the government to task. Executive director Sean Condon tells INSP more must be done to stop homelessness becoming “an early death sentence” for the province’s most vulnerable.

Mi Valedor: Swiss street paper Surprise finds Mexican colleagues continuing battle against poverty

Surprise journalist Ana Felker meets with vendors and staff at Mi Valedor in Mexico City. She finds a team who are fighting for the opportunity to make a living, in a country where nearly half the population live in poverty.

New street paper hopes to tackle poverty and corruption in Romania

A new street paper will launch in Romania this year to tackle poverty and corruption. Aaron Israelson, former editor of Swedish street paper Faktum, discusses his ambitious plans with INSP.

Editor reflects on 15 years as Ireland’s Big Issue celebrates 200th edition

“I woke up, stumbled past 40,000 magazines into the kitchen and did what every Irish person does in a crisis: I made a cup of tea.” Sean Kavanagh reflects on the highs and lows of 15 years at Ireland’s Big Issue.

Danish street paper reconnects father and daughter through homeless calendar

In a wonderful story celebrating the life-changing power of street papers, a father and daughter from Denmark explain how they were reunited at Christmas 2013 after 13 years apart, thanks to the Hus Forbi homeless calendar.

Augustin editor reflects on 20 years of pushing the boundaries

As Vienna’s street paper Augustin turns 20, INSP speaks to editor Lisa Bolyos about the highs and lows of the past two decades and celebrating their continuing mission with accordions, dancing, and cheap wine.

A winning hand for Russia’s only street paper as Put Domoi turns 21

Russia’s Put Domoi celebrates 21 years in print and continuing support from their “unofficial fan club”.

Homeless luggage porters of Bratislava lift themselves out of debt

“Usually people see the homeless as the ones who need help. We thought, what if we turn that upside down?”

Columbus street paper crowdfunds to save publication and vendors

After a funding shortfall, Street Speech in Columbus, Ohio has turned to crowdfunding so it can continue to support its vendors through winter. “We will do everything within our power to keep them employed,” editor Jess Peacock tells INSP.

Colin Farrell makes surprise visit to Homeless World Cup

Hollywood actor, Homeless World Cup Ambassador and street paper fan Colin Farrell made a surprise visit to the 2015 Homeless World Cup in Amsterdam to show his support and cheer on his home nation, Ireland.

New documentary celebrates Brazil’s Boca de Rua

“Our journalism transforms people’s lives. It shouldn’t just leave them where they are.” A new documentary highlights the work of INSP member, Boca de Rua, the only newspaper in Brazil produced entirely by homeless people.

Vendor talk: “Take off your shoes and come inside”

During the INSP Global Street Paper 2015 in Seattle, Henrik Søndergaard Pedersen, who sells Hus Forbi in Copenhagen, Denmark, met Sharon Jones, a vendor for Seattle street paper Real Change to discuss the challenges and rewards of selling street papers.

Our vendors: Ali Nur Mohamed (Surprise – Basel, Switzerland)

Attacked by the terrorist group Al-Shabaab in his native Somalia, it was a miracle that Ali Nur Mohamed was not killed. He has found safety and hope selling Swiss street paper Surprise in Basel. He tells his story.

Tweets from the streets: how social media can benefit street papers

For marketeers and journalists, social media is now a day-to-day essential. Street paper staff learned how to best take advantage of social media to expand their influence and boost readership during #INSP2015.

“We are changing the world” Seattle welcomes #INSP2015

The city of Seattle welcomes street paper delegates from around the world to toast the start of INSPired Together: Global Street Paper Summit 2015.

Our vendors: Cyril Mylambiso (The Big Issue South Africa, Cape Town)

When Cyril Mylambiso started selling The Big Issue South Africa in Cape Town four years ago, he felt like a failure – now he is proud to have held down a job for so long.

Write on! Street paper vendors promote literacy in Macedonia

Lice v lice vendors handed out free books from several Macedonian publishers to the first 100 readers that bought the magazine.

Our vendors: Henrieese Roberts – Street Sense, Maryland, USA

Henrieese Roberts sells American street paper Street Sense on the streets of Annapolis, Maryland. She is also a fierce advocate of HIV/AIDS awareness and policy reform.

Our vendors: Erdzan Sadik (Lice v Lice, Skopje, Macedonia)

“Now I know that this is a good and decent job and I had to put more effort into Lice v lice so that both the magazine and I would succeed.”

To be homeless in a country while war rages

Maryana Sokha explains the struggles Ukrainian street magazine Prosto Neba faces to support its homeless vendors in Lviv while war rages between pro-Russian rebels and the Ukraine government in the east.

Our vendors: Robert Smith – Real Change, Seattle, USA

Being homeless “makes you count your blessings for the little things, just to wash, wash your teeth, take a shower. When you’re homeless, these things are all taken away from you.”

Our vendors: Renae – The Big Issue Australia, Adelaide

Renae lives by her personal motto: “keep moving forward, don’t let anything hold you back”.

Salzburg street paper wins top human rights award

Austrian street paper Apropos has received the Rose for Human Rights for its work with migrant vendors in Salzburg.