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Our vendors: Mjongeni Malanti (The Big Issue South Africa, Cape Town)

Mjongeni Malanti is a single father and a man of many talents. He is quick to learn, has many different skills and finds great pleasure in photography. Malanti believes in persevering, no matter what obstacles are in his path.

Our vendors: Nondumiso Zigana (The Big Issue South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa)

Life hasn’t been smooth sailing for Nondumiso Zigana, a Big Issue South Africa vendor, but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her heart’s desires. She shares her journey of being an unemployed widow to being a mother of intellectuals.

Our vendors: Ntombovuyo Cekiso (The Big Issue, Cape Town, South Africa)

Ntombovuyo Cekiso, 29, sells The Big Issue at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. After moving to Cape Town over ten years ago, Ntombovuyo struggled to find secure employment. However, since becoming a Big Issue vendor, she has found both financial security and job satisfaction, and her life has changed for the better.

Our vendors: Nancy (The Big Issue South Africa, Cape Town)

Our vendor on the pitch, Nancy Mngqelana, 53, sells The Big Issue magazine in Claremont. She shares her inspiration and aspirations, and her story ‘sew’ far.

Our vendors: Progress (The Big Issue South Africa, Cape Town)

Progress Cembi, 46, sells The Big Issue at Cavendish Square, Claremont, in Cape Town. He tells us about his journey as a Big Issue entrepreneur and about his hopes for his and his family’s future.

Our vendors: Bernard Selabe (Homeless Talk, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Bernard came from the farming town of Wolmaransstad to get a better-paying job in Johannesburg. But work was hard to find. He now lives under a tree, but is getting help from Homeless Talk.

Our vendors: Nombambo Cele (The Big Issue South Africa, Cape Town)

“I always put a smile on my face when I sell to my customers…But if I smile and do a little dance they’ll turn around and buy a magazine.” Nobambo Cele sells The Big Issue South Africa in Cape Town.

Guitars for Good hits right note with music classes for vendor’s kids in Cape Town

Leroy Glam discovers why getting free guitar lessons for their children is music to Big Issue vendors’ ears in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our Vendors: Xolani Nkomithyoboza (The Big Issue South Africa, Cape Town)

“My dream is to use my skills in business. I’m a forklifter, a tiler and a plasterer,” says Xolani who sells The Big Issue South Africa in Cape Town. He lost his job but remains optimistic about the future.

Our vendors: Jakoef Gallant (The Big Issue South Africa)

Jakoef Gallant sells The Big Issue in South Africa after turning his back on a life of crime. The street paper helped him change things for the better. He talks about his past, and what made him go straight.