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Campaigning and celebrating with April’s street paper covers

The mood in the network feels celebratory this April, with some big anniversaries and some big names. Street paper covers applaud some true heroes – including Luke Skywalker, Korean escapees, and our vendors.

INSP Awards: best cultural writing from street papers 2015/16

Johnny Rotten vies with Taylor Swift, Pixar takes on a former prima ballerina, and roller derby fans echo Gloria Steinem’s feminism… it can only be the best of street paper cultural reporting!

INSP Awards: best street paper reporting from 2015/16

A Papal audience, an incredible story of a family reunited & a Serbian street paper reaching out to refugees: just the beginning of our Best News Feature nominees.

INSP Awards: best photo nominees offer insight and empathy

Featuring vendors’ makeshift homes, tender moments and even ‘knights of the country road’, the nominees for Best Photograph at the INSP Awards show the ability of street papers to offer their readers a different point of view.

INSP Awards: best street paper design of 2015/16 revealed

All this week, we reveal the longlisted entries for the editorial categories of the INSP Awards. Today we unveil the top ten in the Best Design category.

Rock gods to proud vendors: February’s street paper covers are out of this world

From rock gods to proud vendors, February’s street paper covers featured lots of fascinating and inspiring people. Explore the world’s street papers here.

Street papers have Christmas wrapped up with festive projects

From special editions and calendars to funky bespoke gift wrap, we discover how street papers around the world are helping vendors increase their Christmas sales, give thanks to their customers and to truly enjoy the festive season.

INSP Advent Calendar: day 17

Each day in December, #INSPadvent brings you stories from different street paper vendors. Open to read how selling Sorgenfri gives Steinar a better Christmas.

Explore dozens of this month’s brilliant street paper covers

The Pope, Bond, Naomi Klein, great illustrations… and a blue wolf. It must be November’s street paper covers.

Knutsen & Ludvigsen put Norwegian street paper readers in a spin with golden vinyl giveaway

Vendors in Trondheim, Norway get a sales bump as Sorgenfri gives away a special vinyl edition of cult Norwegian artists Knutsen & Ludvigsen’s hit record.

The Heroines

It is estimated that about one third of drug users in Norway are women but there has been little research focusing on how their experiences differ from men involved in the underground drug scene. Norweigan street paper Sorgenfri finds out first hand by speaking to homeless women dealing with substance abuse issues.

Irvine Welsh i Sorgenfri: Ingen lager-mann

Sorgenfri har fått en novelle i gave fra Trainspotting-forfatter Irvine Welsh. Skotten har nå skrevet Aint no lager for 122 gatemagasiner- og aviser verden over, deriblant Sorgenfri.