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Success of unique cooperative newspaper proves “truth still sells” in Greece

How many journalists does it take to produce one of Greece’s most trusted and successful daily newspapers? The editor of Efimerida ton Syntakton (The Journalists’ Paper) explains how his unique cooperative of over 100 journalists is thriving in Greece.

“Our job is to combat poverty”: German journalist on the Global Street Paper Summit 2016

The editor of Nuremberg street paper Strassenkreuzer reflects on a whirlwind three days in Athens: “Celebrating this fantastic and inspiring family is a must… even if heads were left spinning, languages were muddled up, nobody could concentrate and there was lots of sleep to catch up on!”

Our vendors: Stella Mavridou (Shedia, Thessaloniki, Greece)

This is the true story behind the Homeless World Cup viral video of the week. Stella Mavridou is a fan favourite this week at the Homeless World Cup in Glasgow. She tells us her harrowing story – and how she turned her life around through Shedia.

Hard-hitting, striking… phizz-whizzing: it’s June’s street paper covers

A gloriumptious look at the world of Roald Dahl, a red-haired mischief-maker, a mafia flower plot and Yanis Varoufakis at the INSP Summit… explore June’s street paper covers.

Street paper vendors among hundreds of Homeless World Cup players heading to Glasgow

The Homeless World Cup kicks off in Glasgow on Sunday – we caught up with some of the players who are also street paper vendors.

“You see poverty everywhere”: German vendor on selling a street paper in Athens

German vendor Achim Eybe spent an eye-opening five days selling Shedia in Athens, Greece as part of a cross-cultural street paper experiment. He reflects on the poverty he witnessed firsthand, and the difficulties faced by his Greek colleagues.

“I used to think Germany was responsible for our crisis”: street paper swap changes Greek vendor’s mind

Shedia vendor Lampros Moustakis once thought Germany responsible for much of the hardships faced by his fellow Greeks. But an opportunity to sell Hempels street paper in Kiel, Germany, has changed his mind.

“Getting to know a new reality” with vendors in Greece and Germany

What happened when street paper vendors from Athens, Greece and Kiel in Germany traded places? Hempels editor Peter Brandhorst tells the story of a cross-cultural street paper experiment.

100% of delegates inspired by Global Street Paper Summit 2016

As the Global Street Paper Summit 2016 came to a close, 100% of delegates were inspired, and would recommend the summit to other street paper staff.

What do street paper readers want? #INSP2016 answers

This week at the INSP summit in Athens, street paper leaders from the UK, Denmark and Greece discussed their different techniques for building readership and engaging new audiences.

Grassroots social enterprises in Athens help feed Greeks on the breadline

Across Greece, many people rely on grassroots organisations to put food on their tables. Today at the INSP Summit, we heard how three leading social enterprises – Wise Greece, Boroume and Myrtillo – are making a difference.

Athens welcomes international delegates to INSP Global Street Paper Summit

Against the odds, INSP was thrilled to launch the 2016 Global Street Paper Summit 2016 in Athens today alongside our co-hosts, Shedia. The city officially welcomed INSP’s 120 international delegates in the grand surrounding of Athens City Hall.

Meet our Summit hosts Shedia: the raft keeping Greece’s poor and homeless afloat

In two weeks’ time, delegates from around the world will gather in Athens for the INSP Global Street Paper Summit, co-hosted by Greek street paper, Shedia. We caught up with founder Christos and vendor Lefteris to discover how Shedia continues to keep hope afloat in Greece.

Campaigning and celebrating with April’s street paper covers

The mood in the network feels celebratory this April, with some big anniversaries and some big names. Street paper covers applaud some true heroes – including Luke Skywalker, Korean escapees, and our vendors.

Homeless guides to show Invisible Edinburgh

Inspired by Greek street paper Shedia, Invisible Edinburgh will reveal the hidden corners of the city by employing homeless and formerly homeless people as their tour guides.

March’s covers reveal the power of illustration

From fierce illustrations to wild covers, experience dozens of the world’s best street paper artwork from the last month.

Positive news, exchanging ideas and Greek hospitality: why #INSP2016 is unmissable

With just 10 days left to register for the Global Street Paper Summit this June, INSP’s Zoe Greenfield shares her top 10 reasons why you would be mad to miss #INSP2016.

Our Vendors: Panayiotis Triantafillidis (Shedia, Athens, Greece)

“If it wasn’t for Shedia, I would be a wild tramp. In Shedia, I have realised all the dreams I’ve had since my childhood.” Panayiotis sells Sheida, a street paper sold in Athens, Greece. Read his story here.

Starting 2016 with street papers: January’s covers collected

Haruki Murakami, Beyonce and Bowie all graced January editions of street papers.

Early birds from 10 countries snap up places at 2016 Global Street Paper Summit

Delegates from 10 countries are already registered to attend the international gathering of street papers in Athens – the only event of its kind in the world.

Greek crisis: Athens homeless city tour shows view from the streets

Touring Athens with Shedia vendor Giannis, we discover an experience that is as much personal story as tourist activity.

Shedia street paper vendor paints a better future in Greece

A self-portrait reveals what Greek street paper Shedia has done for talented vendor Stathis Papanastasiou. “I feel upgraded as a person,” he says.

Check out these amazing street paper covers from September

INSP supports more than 100 street papers across the world. Here are a selection of our favourite international covers over the last month…

There’s an app for that: mobile tech helps customers find street paper vendors in Canada and Greece

We use our mobile phones to find the nearest train station, shop, bar or hotel – but what if you could also use it to find your nearest street paper vendor? In two cities, thousands of miles apart, you can now do just that with Megaphone and Shedia’s vendor finder apps.

Greek street paper vendor ready to fight for Homeless World Cup INSP Trophy

A team from Greece, which includes vendors for Greek street paper, Shedia, will compete for a trophy sponsored by INSP (International Network of Street Papers) at the Homeless World Cup in Amsterdam today. We spoke to vendor Stella about how Shedia and football have changed her life.

“We can see the effect the Homeless World Cup is having on their souls”

The editors of Greek street paper Shedia, Ireland’s Big Issue and Russian paper Put Domoi agree: win or lose, the Homeless World Cup changes lives.

“INSP gave birth to the Homeless World Cup”

The Homeless World Cup will always be closely linked to the street paper movement, says founder of the competition Mel Young.

Greek street paper vendor’s photography goes viral

One of the nominees for this year’s INSP Awards, Greek photographer and Shedia vendor Matina Pashali has seen her work spread across social media this week after she was featured on Al Jazeera’s website.